Prakriti Khoj-Environment Quiz

Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change
Government of India


Q1. What is Prakriti Khoj?

Ans. It is an online environment quiz with multiple choice questions based approach to reach out to young mind through a fun filled and interactive learning experience.

Q2. What is the theme of this quiz?

Ans. This quiz is based on environmental issues such as Biodiversity & wildlife conservation, pollution abatement, Waste treatment, Sustainable development, Climate Change, and other pertinent issues of national and international importance.

Q3. What is the pattern of this quiz?

Ans. Participants have been divided into three age groups (i.e. 8-12, 13-15 and 16-18 years). For each group, there are five rounds. First two rounds comprises of 10 questions @ 30 seconds per qt. For the last three rounds it comprises of 5 questions @ 30 sec per qt.

Q4. Who can participate in this quiz?

Ans. Students aged between 8-18 years who are members of Eco-clubs under National Green Corps programme of this Ministry may participate in this quiz.

Q5. How one can participate in this quiz?

Ans. You can send your nomination through your respective Eco-club coordinator in schools to the concerned State nodal agency. Nomination sent directly to Ministry will not be entertained.

Q6. How to get user id and password of student?

Ans. You will be provided with user id and password by your schools which in turn will receive it from state nodal agencies, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.

Q7. If the School does not come under the ambit of National Green Corps programme, can one participate in this quiz?

Ans. No, you cannot participate in this phase of Prakriti Khoj Quiz. However you will get opportunity in the second phase of this environment quiz.

Q8. How many times one can attempt this quiz?

Ans. You will have one attempt. If qualified, will move to the next round.

Q9. Can one save the quiz in the middle and complete it later?

Ans. No, one has to attempt the whole quiz in a single sitting in the allotted time.