Prakriti Khoj-Environment Quiz

Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change
Government of India

Message from Minister

(Dr. Harsh Vardhan)

Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change


Today we are standing at the cross roads of robust economic growth and environmental sustainability. Environment awareness campaigns and their successful implementation by youth across t he country should be continued as a movement. Youth can make difference at both local and community level, which in due course leads to awareness at village, city, state and country level. Children and youth should be made aware about the importance of environment related issues. They are the Paryavaran Preraks.

I feel happy that my Ministry is launching Prakriti Khoj - an online environment quiz, where we welcome our Ecoclub volunteers to take part and trigger their sensitivity towards environment protection and conservation. This quiz is one small step to instil a sense of duty among children towards nurturing the nature and natural resources.

I urge our children to use this opportunity and show their maximum enthusiasm for environment protection. You are the responsible citizens of tomorrow as development of the country lies in your hands.

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